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The Course Playback Starts and Stops

Starting/stopping or choppy playback is typically due to problems with your internet connection.  Fortunately, checking your internet connection is very easy.  Simply go to, a service provided by Netflix, and it will tell you have fast your connection is.  Anything less than 5mbps will likely lead to a poor viewing experience, and any number with kbps will result in an extremely poor viewing experience.  


Clear Your Cache: Go into your browser settings, find clear browsing data, and clear your cached images and files. We find that this fixes most problems!

Mobile Devices: Make sure that you are on wifi, as it is typically faster than your devices data connection.

Computer: Reboot your router. Routers need to be restarted occasionally to maintain the best connection speeds.  To restart your router, simply unplug the power, wait 5 seconds, plug it back in, and wait a few minutes for the system to come back on.  Go to again and check your speed once you are back online.

Most internet service providers (ISPs) provide internet speeds of at least 10-12mbps.  If you're getting less than that, contact your ISP and ask about improving your internet speed.

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