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How the Mobile Apps Work

The LexVid Mobile Apps give you full access to your LexVid account from your phone or tablet.  Simply download the app to your device from the Apple App or Google Play stores and sign in with the same email address and password you use to access your LexVid account on your computer.

Once you're signed in, you'll have access to your full playlist, be able to browse the entire LexVid course library, and watch courses in 4 different formats of your choice.  You can watch courses as you find them or add them to your playlist to watch later.

The mobile app allows you to watch courses live while connected to the internet via your data plan or wifi or download courses to your device and watch them offline.  Offline viewing is perfect for traveling or anytime you don't expect to have access to wifi.  If you want to avoid using any cellular data, go to the settings tab and select the "Wifi Only" option, and the app will only use wifi.  

When you complete a course, you will receive your certificate immediately via email while connected to the internet.  If you're watching offline, your course progress will be uploaded to the LexVid servers when you reconnect to the internet and your certificate will be issued.  

The app provides the best viewing experience and course management for mobile devices and tablets. There are 4 viewing modes to choose from that you can change without interrupting your course. The mobile compliance tracker gives you full visibility into how many credit hours you still need to complete in each specialty along with a clear view of your credits remaining.  The app is fully optimized for the mobile experience.

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