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I Completed a Course, and It's Not in My List of Completed Courses

Completed courses will always appear on the Completed Courses & Certificates view when you're signed into the LexVid home page. If you can't find a course you've completed, it's likely that you are signed into a different LexVid account than when you completed that course.    

Duplicate accounts happen when attorneys change jobs over the years and create a new account with each new job, sign up with both personal and work email addresses, or have a typo in their original email address (e.g., gmail.ocm) and then created a new account with the correct email.   

If you suspect that you signed up with another email address, try signing into LexVid with that account and looking for your credits/courses there.  If you can't find the account you're looking for, contact our customer service team and we can quickly help you find your missing credits/courses.

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  1. Marvin Berkeley

    course does not appear on play list and does not appear on completed list. no certificate has been sent.