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Reasons Why Your Discount Code Won't Be Accepted

There are many reasons why a discount code may not be accepted, they are:

  • Another Discount Has Already Been Applied: Only one discount may be used at a time.  If you're already receiving a discount from another promotion such as a promotional link from an advertisement, site wide sale, or the referral program, you won't be able to add another discount on top of that discount.  If the discount you're trying to apply is larger than the default discount, contact customer service for assistance.
  • Package Isn't Eligible for that Discount: Not all discounts are able to be applied to all packages.  This typically happens with the bundles which are excluded from all promotions.  Bundles are always available at the same low price year round and are never discounted.
  • Expired Discount Code: Our codes do expire, so if you didn't receive the code from LexVid recently, it's likely expired.  
  • Typo: Our codes aren't case sensitive, but typos do occur.  Double check to make sure you entered the code correctly and try again. 
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